Super Samuel, Another game and David Webb – 3 things learnt from Crewe Alexandra

What a way to come crashing down to earth.

The FA cup weekend threw up some surprises Fylde getting a replay against Wigan or Woking drawing with Peterborough are up there, but the FA Cup tie of the weekend that got the neutrals talking came at the expense of Blackburn.

Leading 3-0 after 20 minutes, only to end the game with 9 men and a final score of 3-3.

I’m starting to hate having to play Crewe. Both times I have watched us play them, and there have been 13 goals, so it’s a match that really isn’t good for the heart.

But, there is a lot more to talk about than just the scoreline, so this is 3 talking points for Blackburn v Crewe.

Super Samuel

Since returning to the squad from the sidelines, you have to admit that Samuel has been a welcome return.

In what was one of the few positives from this game, Samuel has shown why the competition to get into the starting line up is as tight than ever.

First, we had Nuttall on fire, then we had Antonsson playing incredibly well, and now it looks as if though Samuel will be returning to his form from the beginning of the season.

Having scored 3 and assisted the other 2 (1 winning a penalty against Bristol) from his last 2 games, it looks as if Mowbray might have a real problem again picking a starting front man or front two again.

Samuel has actually gone back to the top of Blackburn’s goal scoring charts this season having scored 8 and assisted 2, with Antonsson sitting just behind with 8 goals and 1 assist.

The man scores goals and benching the player who has contributed to the most goals seems wrong now?

Has Samuel earned his place back into the leagues starting line up?

Another winter fixture

As if December wasn’t crowded enough because of our minor catastrophe yesterday, Rovers now still have to play 6 games before the end of the year.

Blackburn will have their FA Cup replay against Crewe on the 12th of December in-between two important games at Peterborough and at home to Charlton.

This is going to be a real problem for Mowbray because he has already stated that he is going to prioritise the league over the cup, but what happens if tonight we get drawn against a big opponent? Surely we can’t throw away a big money making opportunity against Premier League opposition to a struggling league 2 side?

I think this draw might have really thrown a spanner in the works for Mowbray and this could potentially upset some results this month, all of which are going to be incredibly important to our final standing this year, and all these problems have been caused by one man…

David Webb

Now I hate to blame referees – I really do. It just sounds childish and a poor excuse for playing bad football.

However, on this occasion, he has made some pretty bad errors to say the least.

The number of decisions that went against us was unnatural. Crewe made 14 fouls in the game and received 2 yellow cards – and Walker should have received a second just before the end of the half.

Blackburn made 10 fouls and received 0 yellow cards but two straight reds!

First off, the Harper decision. I don’t even think that there is a foul in his challenge. I think Harper is trying to be smart and he actually does everything in his power to make as little contact as possible whilst also trying to put the striker off, as he should, but the striker falls over backwards as if he’s yanked on his shirt!?

Yes, the law states that a deliberate foul that denies a goal-scoring opportunity is a red card, but my problem is that this incident wasn’t even a foul!

Watch it yourself and make your own decision, but for me, I don’t even think there should have been a penalty.

Then there is the Bennett incident, if you play sport then you will absolutely feel for Bennett.

A coming together has left 2 players falling in opposite directions and has meant that their legs get tangled.

In his frustration to get up and move, he has kicked out but what else is the guy meant to do, lie there and do nothing? Wait for the player to slowly move away?

It was a situation which meant that someone was going to pretend to be hurt, and someone was going to get in trouble on this occasion.

It was, unfortunately, Bennett. I don’t think that the ref had much of a choice once the linesman decided, considering his “better view.”

Considering the earlier red card and how Crewe’s Walker didn’t get sent off when he should have, the referee should have booked both players and left it at that.

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