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Shrewsbury Town Fan Preview – Salop Supporters

We talk to Shrewsbury fan page Salop Supporters ahead of tomorrow’s crucial clash with the Salop.

What do you make of your season so far?

“Mind-blowing. Not only are we surprising everyone in League One but we’re annoying the so-called big boys. We don’t seem to be having the dip in form that everyone, myself included, expects. We’ve only conceded 15 goals and are about 22 places higher than everyone expected us to be.”

What do you think of Rovers’ season?

“Rovers are not exactly steamrolling the league like most expected and the recent form might be cause for concern. Think your recent form has made the next couple of months a lot tastier than you probably wanted it to with the other teams in the playoffs catching up.”

Who is your player to watch and why?

“I’m sure anyone who watched our game against West Ham will know who I’m about to mention. Ben Godfrey and Jon Nolan are our 2 outstanding players. Godfrey, who plays CDM is a unit (and he’s only 19) and Nolan just has that class going forward. Jon is not afraid to get on the ball in tight situations and he can pick a pass better than anyone in League One (that I have seen)”

What should we expect to see from Shrewsbury Town?

“Expect a high press and a solid defensive performance. Expect to see our boys run and run and run and run. Going forward, we seem to have dried up a little in front of goal but with our high pressing, we create chances by causing defensive mistakes.”

How do you see the rest of your season going?

“Can we dream of staying where we are? Why not? Wigan aren’t running away like many expected and your recent form has allowed us to dream of automatic promotion. As stated earlier, this season has been mind blowing so far and we can only enjoy our fantastic form while it lasts.”

The game sees 2nd v 3rd go head-to-head. How do you think the game will go?

“We are in a fantastic position going into this game, it’s a must-win game for Blackburn to not only close the gap to us but to keep the chasing pack behind you. For us, win, and we are 8 points clear. Draw or lose and we have a small amount of pressure put back on. It’s going to be a cagey affair but the pressure is on Blackburn to win.”


“I’m a pessimist and I’ve been saying we will lose all season so I’ll continue with this (newly found) superstition and say Armstrong will score the only goal of the game and you guys nicking it 1-0”

Thanks to Salop Supporters for taking time out to do this fan preview with us. You can find them on Twitter at @Salopsbluearmy.

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