Rovers’ best Premier League XI

During their time in the Premier League, which began with the 1991-92 season, Rovers have been blessed with some great players. We asked the readers and Twitter followers of Rovers Chat who their best Rovers Premier League XI is.

Premier League XI

From great goalkeepers with Friedel and Flowers and brick-walls like Hendry and Nelsen, to creative play-makers like Tugay and Pedersen to prolific strikers like Shearer and Santa Cruz, Rovers have been blessed with quality players.

Duncan Miller 5-a-side

NYC Rovers 5-a-side
Rovers have seem some quality players during the Premier League, but who would make it into your XI? Tweet us – @rovers_chat!

The days when Manchester United visited Ewood and we’d feel confident of beating them feel years ago and now Rovers fans are heading to Valley Parade this Saturday, rather than the Emirates.

However, that didn’t stop your replies! Thanks to all who replied to our tweet, and keep a look out for more articles!

So, who did Rovers Chat readers pick in their ultimate Rovers Premier League XI?


Friedel, Neill, Nelsen, Hendry, Le Saux, Dunn, Tugay, Duff, Jansen, Shearer, Santa Cruz. Left so many out here!


“Friedel, Salgado, Nelsen, Hendry, Samba, Pedersen, Dunn, Tugay, Sutton, Shearer, Santa Cruz (4-3-3)”


“Friedel, Berg, Hendry, Nelsen, Le Saux, Duff, Dunn, Tugay, Ripley, Shearer, Bellamy. Bellamy might be controversial but was amazing”


“Friedel, Nelsen, Samba, Le Saux, Tugay, Sherwood, Batty, Bentley, Duff, Shearer, Benni (McCarthy).

Going to play 3 at the back, with 2 holding midfielders”


“Friedel, Berg, Le Saux, Hendry, Nelsen, Bentley, Sherwood, Tugay, Duff, Shearer, Sutton”#


“From what I’ve seen!

Friedel, Salgado, Nelsen, Samba, Warnock, Bentley, Tugay Savage, Pedersen, Santa Cruz, Jansen”


“Friedel, Le Saux, Hendry, Henchoz, Berg, Duff, Tugay, Atkins, Ripley, Shearer, Jansen (4-4-2)”


“Friedel, Neill, Nelsen, Samba, Warnock, Bentley, Dunn, Tugay, Duff, Santa Cruz, Jansen”


“Friedel, Berg, Hendry, Nelsen, Le Saux, Bentley, Tugay, Sherwood, Duff, Shearer, Santa Cruz

Tough to leave out some, only 5 Prem winners”


“Friedel, Salgado, Hendry, Nelsen, Le Saux, Duff, Tugay, MGP, Bellamy, Shearer, McCarthy”


“Friedel, Berg, Hendry, Nelsen, Le Saux, Bentley, Dunn, Tugay, Duff, Shearer, Bellamy”

@braith23 (Twitter: @Braith69)

Friedel, Berg, Hendry, Nelsen, Le Saux, Ripley, Sherwood, Dunn, Duff, Shearer, Sutton”

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