Peterborough United 2-3 Rovers – Player Ratings

After Rovers made it 5 league wins in a row, Louis Gee looks at how the Rovers’ players performed.

Rovers came back from 1-0 down to beat Peterborough United at the ABAX Stadium courtesy of a brilliant period of play which involved slick passing and counter-attacking play.

So, how did the players perform?

NOTE: The ratings have been taken by an average of Rovers Chat writers’ ratings.

Starting XI

RAYA, David – 6.8/10 – A solid game from David. Made some timely saves. Really establishing himself as the ‘Number 1’ in this side.

NYAMBE, Ryan -5.8 /10 – There’s a debate between who’s fault it was for the first goal. either Nyambe or Downing. Whoever it was, Nyambe was poor in the first half. However, the second half saw an improvement from the full-back.

DOWNING, Paul – 6.6/10 – Not a great game from Downing. For a player who has been excellent since coming in, and consistently performing well, this was a game to forget for Paul. As mentioned when discussing Nyambe, not sure who was at fault for the first goal. Also, there was generally sloppy play from the centre-half. This puts a mark on his impeccable record so far in blue and white

MULGREW, Charlie – 8.2/10 – The skipper has carried, not only, his defensive form but his attacking form also into December with another commanding performance as well as becoming the top scorer. Captain. Leader. Goalscorer

WILLIAMS, Derrick – 7.2/10 – Mr Consistent has, surprise surprise, had a great game bombing up and down the left wing supporting Craig Conway. Very impressed.

WHITTINGHAM, Peter – 5.6/10 – Before being substituted mid-way through the first half, Mr Whittingham hadn’t been able to assert himself in the game and was unable to make an impression.

SMALLWOOD, Richie – 7.6/10 – Another brilliant performance the King. Involved with two of the three goals I couldn’t fault him.

ANTONSSON, Marcus – 7.4/10 – A pretty good showing from the Swede with an assist from a beautiful Rovers counter-attack. The only thing to hamper the performance was a silly dive in the first half.

DACK, Bradley – 9.6/10 – Ran the show, as per, and was the most gifted player in the side. I can’t wait to watch him every week. He bagged 2 goals and it could have been more. What. A. Player.

CONWAY, Craig – 6.4/10 – Brilliant to see Craig come back from his injury and playing well (as well as playing 90mins). He started the devastating counter-attack that led to the 3rd goal. Great game from the wee man.

SAMUEL, Dominic – 7/10 – An good game for Dom. He tussled and fought with the defenders proving himself to be a handful. Was man-marked often.


EVANS, Corry (for Peter Whittingham, 32 minutes) – 5.6/10 – As a substitute for Whittingham, Corry didn’t do much in the 13 minutes he was on the pitch before being subbed at halftime due to an injury.

TOMLINSON, Willem (for Corry Evans, 45 minutes) – 7.4/10 – A very impressive game for the young lad. He played extremely well for 45 mins. A great talent definitely deserves more game time.

GRAHAM, Danny (for Dominic Samuel, 77 minutes) – 6.2/10 – Came on, hassled tiring defenders, makes a good pass or two. He does his job well.

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