Playing catchup already

We may only be 7 games in, with a game in hand, but Rovers are already playing catch up.


We are only 7 games in, but we have already racked up 50% of Sheffield United losses last season.

While I doubt we will see a team as strong as them in League One this season, many would have thought we would replicate their success.

But many Rovers fans may not know the form of Sheffield United last season. They only picked up 1 point in their first 4 games. Then didn’t lose until the end of November and would only pick up 2 more losses before taking the League One title by 14 points.

If you look at Wigan the year before, they dropped 19 points in their first 12 games and managed to finished 1st.

So you can see the winners tend to struggle at the start. But once they find their rhythm, they are consistent for most of the season.

Wimbledon showed us that you don’t need to be a good team to win. They bullied us at times and we didn’t fight back. It’s a rough leagu,e and sometimes it’s like playing a Sunday league team. We need to find that aggressive side to win games.

We still have 39 games left, that’s 117 points up for grabs. But to win the league or just gain automatic promotion, we need that run. To do that we need to learn how to break teams down because at the moment we can’t.

Figuring out how to break a team down is a massive task for Mowbray. Teams will now know that if they set up to defend, they can steal a goal and take all 3 points.

The next 2 games are maybe the biggest games of the season. We face unbeaten Shrewsbury and Rotherham. Losing even one of these games would require us to be flawless for the rest of the calendar year. I just don’t think we are capable of doing that at the moment.

Mowbray needs to figure out how to break down teams that put 10 men behind the ball. People might think we are only 7 games in, but when your looking for top 2 ever point matters.

He has had a week to get his sqaud ready for Saturday’s trip to the last unbeaten team in the league. Make sure to catch our build up to the game and check out the podcast.

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