Rovers 3-1 Barnet – Player Ratings

After a frustrating first half, Rovers managed to turn it around and come out with a 3-1 against Barnet. 12th Rover reviews each Rovers’ player’s performance from the 1st round FA Cup tie.

It was a frustrating first half performance going 1-0 down after the break, Rovers managed to come out with a comfortable 3-1 victory after Nuttall opened the scoring for Rovers.

So, how did the players play?

Please note, the ratings have been taken by an average from Rovers Chat writers’ ratings.

Starting XI

LEUTWILER, Jayson – 6.5/10 – He didn’t really have too much to do and was left helpless for the goal. I hope we get to see him a bit more in the future.

MULGREW, Charlie – 6.5/10 – Was left stranded when Dack miss hit a pass to the captain leading to their goal. He did, however, do well at pushing the team forward 20 yards at times, something we need from other players in League games.

DOWNING, Paul – 6.8/10 – He showed he could play 30 yard passes across the field with ease in the first half. Unfortunately, he made a few bad passes at times, unfortunate to lose a clean sheet through no fault of his own.

WILLIAMS, Derrick – 5.6/10 – Another poor performance from the Left back. Mr Undropable was consistent in giving the ball away and making some aimless passes.

Maybe struggled to play as a wing back and look a bit better when he moved to his natural position.

His rating may be seen as harsh, but after numerous poor performance, a little competition is needed at left back.

CADDIS, Paul – 6.2/10 – He ran the line very well and played as a wing back in the first half, playing very high up the field. Maybe could have pushed us forward a bit more at times

HARPER, Rakeem – 5.5/10 – Harper was a bit hot and cold this game. Tried his best but struggled. Was better in the second half. Did himself no harm really.

EVANS, Corry – 6.5/10 – Very quiet but didn’t do anything wrong. After we gained the lead the class of Evans came out as he did a few nice turns in a few minutes to leave his opponent flat-footed.

Helped us move the ball a bit more positively in the second half.

HART, Sam – 5.1/10 – A very quiet half for Hart. He did play in a very poor half before being placed at halftime. He did, however, have a chance to put Rovers ahead after about 5 minutes after a good ball from Gladwin.

GLADWIN, Ben – 4.4/10 – I keep hoping and waiting for him to put in a good performance. He looked like he had bundles of energy and wanted to make something happen, but it never came through.

At times, he passed when he was in a position to maybe have a shot. Did get a few shots off, just need a bit more to start pushing the starters.

DACK, Bradley – 7.2/10 – I have been a big fan of this man. Unfortunately, his awful pass allowed Barnet through on goal. I was maybe a bit more disappointed it was Dack that made the error.

He had a few chances in the second half to redeem himself but was unsuccessful. He did, however, set up the first 2 goals, so can we let him off?

GRAHAM, Danny – 7.4/10 – Took his goal very well, it was a really tight angle and Graham showed his class to finish it.

He had another good chance in the first half but couldn’t direct a cross goal bound.


NUTTALL, Joe (for Sam Hart) – 8.1/10 – He is starting to make a name for himself now. He had a great chance not long after coming on and could only direct a volley over the bar. Nuttall changed the game

Luckily another chance came his way and finished well after having to readjust to fire it home. He could have easily got a 2nd but just couldn’t get it around the keeper.

ANTONSSON, Marcus (for Ben Gladwin) – 7.2/10 – He only played 24 minutes but he was fantastic. He was possibly my man of the match. After 10 minutes, he scored Rovers’ third and he could have easily had more. He always puts the work in and of late has been unfortunate his work hasn’t paid off, today it did.

BENNETT, Elliott (for Bradley Dack) – 6.2/10 – Never really managed to put his mark on the game. If he’d have had a bit more time on the ball, he’d have been able to put his stamp on the game more.

Substitutes not used: David Raya, Ryan Nyambe, Peter Whittingham, Elliott Ward,

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