Mowbray Brings the Feel Good Factor Back to Rovers

On the back of @barryshoz82’s article, 2001 – All over again, @tom_schoey looks at how Tony Mowbray has brought the feel good factor back to Ewood Park.


After last years season of horror, a strange sense of optimism fills the air at Ewood Park, this despite relegation to the third tier of english football.

Whilst the Venkys continue to linger in the background, Tony Mowbray has given fans a renewed sense of optimism. The signings of Peter Whittingham and Bradley Dack, to name just two of the new boys, are testament to that.

Mowbray’s arrival was greeted in a slightly pessimistic fashion, after the walking, talking disaster that was Owen Coyle, many Rovers fans and I include myself in that did not feel he was the man to save us from relegation.

Turns out he didn’t, what he did do however was give us hope. Under the incompetent Coyle, I had consigned us to relegation. Mowbray came in and changed that almost immediately, he didn’t save us from relegation but he made us believe that maybe, just maybe, we would be safe.

Statistics don’t mean much, what matters is your position after 46 games, but if the season started when Mowbray arrived, Rovers would have found themselves in 8th place. For me that’s telling.

The players bought into Mowbray’s ideas, they wanted to play for the manager and besides the home fixture against Barnsley, that was evident.

Which brings us to where we are now. A few departures and 6 new signings later, I would argue that we have a stronger squad heading into League One than we did the previous season in the Championship – especially the midfield.

Mowbray is rebuilding a squad with artists such as Bradley Dack, with soldiers such as Richie Smallwood. It would be foolish to suggest we are going to walk the league, but can we be confident that Mowbray will lead us to the League One title? Of course we can.

For what I feel is only the second time since the Venkys reign began, the other being Gary Bowyer’s second full season in charge, I’m heading into a new season with excitement and optimism.

I encourage all Rovers fans to join me in this. We deserve a season of success, albeit in League One, and Tony Mowbray is the man to bring it to us.

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