Danny Graham – Keep or sell?

After rumours were going around Twitter about a possible exit for Danny Graham, @aidangoudie looks at whether Rovers should keep or sell the striker.

FOR Danny Graham

After the victory at home to MK Dons, there was a Twitter rumour about a potential swap deal involving Danny Graham, and ex-Rovers player and current Preston man Paul Gallagher.

You might have seen that there has been a rumour going around that a first team player will definitely leave before the end of the window. After the MK Dons game, rumours came out that it may be Danny Graham, and clubs are interested in him- in particular, Preston.

There was several people saying that we may be willing to do a swap deal with Graham that would bring in Preston midfielder, Paul Gallagher – after he was spotted at Ewood.

So, should Rovers keep or sell Danny Graham?

Well, I for one would love for Rovers to bring in Gallagher. However, I really hope Graham isn’t part of the deal.

Firstly,  I want to point out that he was our top scorer last year, scoring 12 goals in around 30 appearances. He scored those goals whilst in a really struggling team, and I know how much we all rated Sam Gallagher however, Graham managed to score even more than him.

If he managed to score 12 goals last season, just imagine how many goals he can score this season, with a mixture of better players around him and playing against weaker defences. I think we are looking between 15-20 goals, at least, which could be key to us going up.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “But he hasn’t been playing and we’ve got Dominic Samuel who has scored 4 goals in 4 games.”

Yes, that is very true, and Tony Mowbray has signed an excellent up and coming striker in Samuel. However, this is going to be Dominic Samuel’s first full season as a “main” striker and we really can’t put all the pressure on him to score all the goals. We’ll need the experience of Danny Graham this season to take the pressure off Samuel. He’s a natural goal scorer and always seems to be in the right place at the right time to score important goals.

To go up this season, we’ll need everyone chipping in with goals. One of our many problems last year was that there was a lack of goals from the centre of the pitch, with Rovers’ central midfielders only scoring a combined total of 2 goals (Hope Akpan vs Ipswich and Danny Guthrie vs Brentford)

Graham isn’t playing at the minute but trust me, he will be needed in a lot of games this year. Hopefully, he will be scoring a lot of important goals that get us to the top end of the table. Upfront, alongside Danny Graham, Marcus Antonsson (who we just recently signed from Leeds on-loan for the season),  Dominic Samuel and scoring goals for fun in the under 23s, we have Joe Nuttall. However, none of them – other than Danny Graham – have scored enough goals in the English leagues like Graham has.


I agree, he has been poor in our first two matches, but who in the team actually played well in the first two games of the season?

He scored 5 goals in 6 pre-season games and, although they are friendlies, it does tell you that he still knows where the back of the net is.

I’m sure he will get back into the team and when he does, there’s no question that he’ll be scoring plenty of goals.

I really hope we don’t get rid of Danny Graham. He’s a really great professional and I’m sure he’s not happy being on the bench, but I hope that drives him on to fight for his place and not to try and force a move away from the club.

I do believe Tony Mowbray will do what is right for this club but I think keeping Graham could be key to whether we go up to the Championship or stay in League 1.

We asked our Twitter followers – follow us if you haven’t already at @rovers_chat – if you’d like the straight swap of Danny Graham for Paul Gallagher.

The poll results are below:

Graham & Gallagher

So, the majority of the readers would swap Danny Graham for Paul Gallagher.

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