Brief thoughts on Rovers’ supporter consultation meeting

Tonight (Thursday 5th October) saw the supporter meeting, hosted by BBC Radio Lancashire host Andy Bayes, and with the panel of manager Tony Mowbray and Finance Director Mike Cheston.

The evening began with a boring load of drivel from Cheston, who repeatedly avoided questions about Owen CoyleThe financial director continued to stumble through questions, and was relieved when the questions changed to Mowbray – and so was we!

I could listen to Mowbray talk all night, the way he continuously loves to talk about football. His love and passion for the game really showed through once again. Mowbray discussed how he’d like to set up a recruitment system, Harry Chapman and other first teamers, and the youth team. The main man also discussed how he has contact with the owners, and understands the fans frustrations.

Overall, the night was mixed. Mike Cheston avoided many questions, but Mowbray was great. He discussed what we wanted to hear, without sugarcoating.

The highlights of the evening will be on BBC Radio Lancashire at 7pm tomorrow night.