An interview with Mikey Delap

Mikey Delap is a well known Rovers fan on Twitter, with over 5,000 Twitter followers. RoversChat talks to him about his time as a Blackburn Rovers supporter.

This interview was conducted on the 30th July.

Why do you support Blackburn Rovers?

“Well, it’s an (not so) interesting one this one. Cutting a very long story short I was in primary school and I was fascinated by a school mate who was wearing a different football shirt to everybody else. Growing up in and around Manchester meant that school was rife with Manchester City, United replica shirts and the odd Stockport County top and being a strong headed man with a dry outlook on life – even at an early age – I was sucked in by his blue and white halved top with the lovely perspex logo. I wanted in. And that was that, I never really looked back from there. Dad was pestered for a Blackburn top, I dragged him over an hour in each direction to watch my team in action and I never really stopped. This all started in the early 90’s so I’m the ultimate by accident glory fan… well except for all the stuff that happened after 1995.”

What is your first memory of being a Rovers fan?

“I can remember the odd bit from pre-promotion but my earliest memory is the play off final vs Leicester (age 8 here folks, don’t let my thinning hair fool you – I was once a spring chicken). From a very early stage it became clear my chosen football affection were never going to do things easily, yes I’m looking at you Mike Newell. It’s a habit which has existed to this day, but by all means please feel free to change this anytime you like Rovers. Absolutely no pressure.”

What was your first Rovers game?

“Brace yourselves…. Blackburn 7-1 Norwich. If only they were all like this hey? I seem to remember remarking at the time that Roy Wegerle was the best player at the club, I’m not entirely sure why but you’re talking to a man who has an irrational deep seated love for Bruno Ribeiro so what do I know?!”

“I’ve not witnessed a better performance from Rovers since then by my reckoning so the rest of my football supporting life appears to be downhill from 1992 onwards… certainly if Steve Kean/Owen Coyle/an array of people in Pune have anything to say about it anyway.”

“Either way that was quite the special day and cemented my love for the best team in the world. We’re still that right? Guys… Guys?”

What is your ultimate 5-a-side team for Rovers?

“Friedel, Nelsen (sorry Braveheart!), Batty, Duff, Shearer.”

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What are your thoughts on this summer for Rovers?

“Let’s face it, it’s gone about as well as anybody could have humanely imagined. I think it’s fair to say we would struggle to find a fan who wasn’t at least moderately impressed in relative terms of what the club has done since that painful day in May.”

“To me I envisaged an aggressive and tough summer of cost cutting and a trimming down of an already fairly “streamlined” squad but we’ve ended up with Tony Mowbray staying which is a huge bonus, a PLAN being implemented and some very sensible and somewhat exciting signings being made in light of re-entry back into the English third tier.”

“Cautious optimism seems to be order of the day and to give him his due Mowbray he has certainly earned a crack at continuing the job given the near miraculous escape act he pulled off last time around. Amazing when you think of the lukewarm and underwhelmed reaction that greeted his appointment.”

“Wrong place, right time, right guy? Possibly.”

What are your predictions for Rovers next year?

“I would say at this stage if we aren’t kicking around the top 6 with the personnel we currently have then something has gone badly wrong, although this is Rovers we are talking about.”

“Of course this is all condition that the likes of Danny Graham, Charlie Mulgrew and Darragh Lenihan still being here come end of August. Which at the time of writing seems debatable, if you asked me to place a bet I would say Lenihan leaving is nailed on, Mulgrew more than likely going and Graham more than likely staying (touches closest wooden furnishing).”

“I like the man in charge, he’s a ray of light at the end of a tunnel that has been dark for a long while and I think we should be able to compete in this league.”

“Top scorer? If he stays it’s hard to look past Danny Graham. He should be very good in League One.

Player of the Season? I really want to say Bradley Dack but I’ve got a funny feeling we might be talking Elliott Bennett here – mainly on the grounds he’s becoming a fan favourite at present and is one of our better players.

Final position? I said second on a podcast recently and got laughed at, possibly correctly. But 2nd damn it. Give me promotion.”

RoversChat would like to thank Mikey for taking time out to participate in our interview. His Twitter can be found here.

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